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SafeNet - A Calico Group Service

SafeNet has been keeping women and children safe from domestic abuse for forty years.

Over the years, we have extended our services to all survivors and have developed specialist support for ethnic minority communities, children and young people, those with complex health needs, LGBT and male survivors.

At SafeNet, we are proud to deliver fully inclusive and accessible services.

SafeNet protects victims and survivors of domestic abuse through the provision of safe refuge and support services, and promotes the prevention of further harm, through various initiatives including, working to build safe and healthy relations and promote equality.

SafeNet deliver services throughout the North West from bases in Burnley, Preston, Lancaster, Rochdale and Blackpool.

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We offer expert practitioner knowledge and deliver a range of specialist services, including:

Refuge – a safe and confidential place to stay for women and children escaping domestic abuse.

Safe House – move on properties for those who are ready to leave the communal setting of the refuge, or for those who have older male children who are unable to stay in refuge accommodation.

Recovery Refuge – Jane’s Place is the first recovery refuge in the North West, and offers safe and secure temporary accommodation for women and children who have additional complex needs.

IDVA Service – navigating the criminal justice system for those at the highest risk of serious harm and homicide.

Outreach Support – we offer information and support to victims, survivors and to partner agencies, this includes out-of-hours evenings and weekend response. Our community based outreach support is offered to victims/survivors in their communities.

For more information, simply contact us on 0300 3033 581 or email us.

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Jane’s Place

When all other doors have closed, at Jane’s Place we will keep our door open.

Our Recovery Refuge offers safe and secure temporary accommodation for women and children at risk of domestic abuse, who have additional complex needs.

Those complex needs may include mental or physical health, drug or alcohol use, self-harming, offending behaviours, sex working, grooming, trafficking, or a combination.

Women with complex needs are often unable to stay at communal refuges, as their high level needs can impact on other families in refuge.

SafeNet recognises the increased vulnerability and risk of serious harm and homicide that women and children face when complex needs are present.

We deliver domestic abuse support alongside drug, alcohol and mental health recovery programmes, supporting women and children’s recovery to take back control of their lives, and move forward positively.

For more information, simply contact us on 0300 3033 581 or email us.

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Service for male victims

This year we opened the county’s first refuge places for men. Our safe house, which is open to men from all over Lancashire, has been full since it opened as a pilot scheme for an initial six months.

Along with the male safe house, we also deliver a specialist male victim support service.

If you need help, or if you want to refer a male you know to our service, talk to us in confidence.

Contact SafeNet today on 0300 303 3581.

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Syncora - The Calico Group Together

Part of Syncora

SafeNet is part of Syncora – combining expertise and innovation to achieve maximum social impact.

Syncora brings together specialist companies and charities with a shared vision. Together, we achieve maximum social impact by creating effective, collaborative services that make a real difference to people’s lives.

Our flexible approach, our award-winning staff, and our wide range of expertise help us adapt to the fast-changing environment in which we work. Our purpose, imagination and passion drive us to find solutions to problems in exciting new ways.

For more information, visit the Syncora website.