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Support for men

We can support you with information, support & safe accommodation for anyone affected by domestic abuse, stalking and honour-based abuse.

Contact us today in confidence to discuss how we can help. We listen, we believe & we understand – you are not alone.

Support and accommodation

Access to safe 24 hr emergency safe accommodation

Community Outreach Support

Confidential live chat – 7 days a week

Phone support & referrals 0300 3033 581

Referrals to other agencies & specialist services

0300 3033 581 – 24hrs a day, 365 days a year







Abuse can look like

Controlling who you see

Physical violence – such as kicking, punching

Making you do sexual acts you don’t consent to

Constantly checking your messages

Violence & abuse from wider family members

Taking your money

Calling you names & putting you down

Not allowing access to support you need such as medication

Safety Planning

Whatever your circumstances a safety plan can help to keep you safe in an abusive situation:

Speak to people you can trust about what is happening

Call SafeNet and discuss your options & what we can do to help

Always call 999 if you are in danger & if you feel frightened

Keep your phone charged & on your person at all times

Record incidents, assaults, threats etc. Log contacts by phone or texts

Keep important phone numbers in a safe place

If you are planning to leave do not inform your abuser(s)

If it’s safe to do so discuss safety with your child(ren)

“Safenet helped me rebuild my life.  My wish is for other men experiencing abuse to have the same opportunity for support”

It can be frightening when you access support for the first time. We understand if you find it difficult to talk or it’s not safe to do so. You can chat anonymously via our on line chat on our website.

💬 live chat available at – daily at 10 to 12pm, 2 to 4pm & 8 to 10pm

Contact 24 hrs /365 days a year  0300 3033 581 E-mail

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Live Chat: Our live chat is available everyday during three dedicated timeslots; 10am – 12pm, 2pm – 4pm and 8pm – 10pm.

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