Hide this site

If an abuser knows how to read your browser or internet history, they may be able to see information you have recently viewed. You need to clear your browser history (internet activity) by doing the following:


Hide this site button

The orange button to the right of the SafeNet website will quickly exit the website, and land on the Google search bar homepage. Within your history it will not list the SafeNet website, it will say recently closed.


Private browsing


Internet Explorer

Click on open menu (top right), then click ‘new in private window’.


Click on open menu (top right), the click ‘new private window’.


Click on open menu (top right), then click ‘new incognito window’.

Safari (Apple products)

Open safari and click private.


Once you have completed one of the above you are able to enter sites without the browser holding search histories.

However, even if you delete your history, an expert may still be able to recover the details. The safest way to find information online would be at your local library, a friend’s house, an internet café, or at work, and remember to always log out.