If an abuser knows how to read your browser or internet history, they may be able to see information you have recently viewed. You need to clear your browser history (internet activity) by doing the following:

Internet Explorer

• Go to the ‘Tools’ drop-down menu near the top of the browser, then click ‘Internet Options’. A small window will appear.

• Click on the ‘General’ tab and, underneath ‘Browsing history’, click the ‘Delete’ button.

• Another small window will appear. Make sure every box has a tick in it and click ‘Delete’.


• Hold Ctrl+h.

• Click on the ‘View’ button and select ‘By date and site’ from the drop-down menu.

• Click on ‘Today’.

• Right-click on ‘www.calico.org.uk’ and/or ‘calico.org.uk’ and click ‘Delete’.

Safari (Apple products)

• Select Bookmarks.

• Click on ‘Show All Bookmarks’.

• Click on History and click bookmarks you wish to delete.

• From top menu select ‘Edit’ the ‘Delete.

Even if you delete your history, an expert may still be able to recover the details. The safest way to find information online would be at your local library, a friend’s house, an internet café, or at work.