SafeNet Burnley Community Based Support – For clients who need support in the community, we deliver support through our domestic abuse helpline, through direct 1:1 support sessions, and via longer-term case working. We offer emotional and practical support, risk assessment, safety planning and help to access legal advice. We take our support directly into local communities by delivering weekly surgeries in various community settings, such as children’s and health centres. Some of those surgeries are staffed by bi-lingual support workers.

SafeNet Burnley IDVA Service – Our Independent Domestic Violance Advisors (IDVAs) assess risks and create safety plans for those at high risk of serious harm and homicide, and are key contributors to local Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs), where they advocate on behalf of clients. They also offer practical and emotional support for individuals going to court and who are part of criminal justice proceedings. Individuals benefit from increased confidence, and a better understanding of legal proceedings and how to reduce the risk of further violence.

SafeNet Burnley and Lancaster Early Support Service – Our Early Support Service supports children and young people identified as ‘at risk’, and will deliver specific domestic violence intervention programmes, such as the Recover Toolkit for Children; You, Me & Mum; Helping Hands; What About Me?; The Freedom Programme; etc. It aims to complete a minimum of 12 weeks of dirct support work to each child, and also support for any siblings and parents. You can refer any child and young person in a CAF/TAF process or who you consider to be eligibile if not already in the process.