Health Support Services – Our specialist health support worker delivers direct health support to those with additional needs: mental health, such as depression or self-harming; dependency issues; disabilities, such as learning, sensory or physical difficulties; and reproductive/sexual health and pregnancy. They work closely with health agencies to co-ordinate an additional support package.

Ethnic Minority Services – Our specialist bi-lingual support worker delivers language, culture and faith support to victims/survivors from ethnic minority origins to help them overcome additional barriers. These barriers mean BME victims/survivors often require extra support to achieve social and economic independence. Additional specialisms are delivered to deal with forced marriage, honour based violence, female genital mutilation, and to help those with insecure immigration status or with no recourse to public funds.

Children’s Support Services – Our specialist children’s support workers create a positive environment, where children and young people feel safe and free from abuse. They offer one-to-one and group sessions, where children who may be traumatised can participate in therapeutic sessions to help them reconcile their abusive experiences and can also enjoy play sessions and have fun as children deserve. They support children to overcome their experience of abuse, and ensure any disruption to their education is minimal during their stay.