Resident safety is crucial. The locations of our accommodation are strictly confidential to help keep our residents safe. Our Burnley accommodation has been purpose built to offer exceptional security and is ‘safer by design’. Our Lancaster Refuge is also designed to the highest safety principals.

Open 365 days a year, both Refuges are staffed 24/7 to help those in crisis with emergency referrals, and maintain security. In addition, special security features include 24-hour digitally recorded CCTV, a night time security alarm system, security fencing, and a unique entrance with staff-operated security doors. Most importantly, all those involved with the services are made aware of the importance of maintaining confidentiality of our location.

To access safe refuge:

SafeNet Burnley Office for referrals: 01282 414130

SafeNet Burnley, PO Box 9, Burnley, Lancs

SafeNet Lancaster Office for referrals: 01524 581490

SafeNet Lancaster, PO Box 888, Lancaster Lancs